Katusabe’s murder; Sebuufu gets 40 year jail sentence

Katusabe’s murder; Sebuufu gets 40 year jail sentence

Pine car bond proprietor Muhamad Sebuufu gets 40 year jail sentence by the Kampala High court for the murder of businesswoman Donah Betty Katushabe over a Shs9m car debt.

According to evidence presented by prosecution, the deceased purchased a car at pine car bond at 13 million but only managed to pay five million.

That after failed attempts by Ssebuufu to have Katushabe pay the remaining Sh 9 million, he instructed his security guards to pick up the victim from her home in Bwebajja along Entebbe road on that fateful day.

Prosecution states that after kidnapping Katushabe, she was taken directly to Ssebuufu’s office from where she was kicked and beaten with sticks there by causing grievous wounds to her body which led to her death.

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His lawyer Caleb Alaka  had earlier implored court not to sentence his client to death.

Alaka was responding to a request for the death penalty by the prosecution attorney Winfred Ahimbisibwe who argued that the crime was premeditated and planned.

Alaka had instead pleaded for a 10-year jail term arguing that Sebuufu is married with 7 infant children for whom he is the sole bread winner.

When asked to address court Sebuufu begged for leniency saying he takes care of 68 orphans and several underprivileged families.


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