Katikiro Mayiga seeks Shs2 billion more to finish Kasubi tombs

Katikiro Mayiga seeks Shs2 billion more to finish Kasubi tombs
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The Kingdom of Buganda says Shs2 billion is still needed to complete the Kasubi tombs, world heritage site where four Kabakas (kings of Buganda) are buried.

This has been revealed by the Buganda premier Owekitibwe Charles Peter Mayiga during the media tour on the progress of developing of the Kasubi tombs especially the major house has reached.

The UNESCO-listed site housed tombs of kings of the Buganda region and had been torched at a time when the kingdom had uneasy relations with the Ugandan central government.

Apparently, the major house is at the stage of waving the roofing of the major house in the tombs and the completion of the tombs is expected in the coming year 2018.

Mayiga attributed the slow progress of the work at Kasubi tombs to the strict must follow cultural norms that are performed by the hard to find persons and the hard to get construction requirements especially vegital materials like reeds, grass amongst others.

Commenting on the $500,000 grant that was donated by the Japanese government, Mayiga said that the money has not been got yet but the building committee headed by Owek. Kaddu Kiberu is preparing the bills of quantities they are to submit to UNESCO in order to get the grant that is meant to set up fire fighting equipment.

So far approximately Shs4 billion have been spent on the same work of which Shs 2 billion was a contribution from Government of Uganda  and the rest is funded by the Buganda Kingdom.

To revive Etoffali?

Mayiga’s Etoffali project meant for collecting money for rebuilding of the burnt Masiro was a huge success despite criticism from some disgruntled people.

Despite raising substantial sums, a red flag was raised by different entities about its efficacy. Mayiga refused to bow to all manner of pressure to end the Project and instead extended the same to other projects like Masengere hence the need to make several other trips to places where he had already been to fundraise.

Will Mayiga revive the project inorder to collect the remaining Shs2 billion for Kasubi tombs restoration?


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