Kabaka’s sister Nnalinya Namikka arrested over fraud

Kabaka’s sister Nnalinya Namikka arrested over fraud
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Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II’s sister, Nnalinya Beatrice Namikka, the rightful heir to the in-charge of Kasubi Royal Tombs, was on Thursday arrested and detained at Buganda Road court cells over a land deal gone wrong.

The aging Naalinya, was cornered by court bailiffs from Abel Wakaza’s Waka Associates yesterday on orders of the deputy registrar Bailiffs Division Flavia Nassuna Matovu  after the Buganda princess failed to pay at least a portion or avail security to guarantee that she will pay off a Shs27 million debt owed  to Juliet Namiro and Faridah Kinene from whom she conned money in a fraudulent land transaction.

Ms. Namiro told journalists outside court that Namikka told them she has land at Katende along Bombo road and she even gave them one of her aides to go and inspect.

They buyers after inspection went to Kasubi Masiro- her office, paid for the land in full amount on January 5, 2016, signing an agreement and the Kabaka’s sister who told them to continue using the land as she processed documents for them but the two women’s surprised, they were chased away by the real owners of the land who called the Naalinya, a ‘muyaye’ literally meaning conwoman.

Apparently, the land belonged to a deceased aunt of Naalinya who had passed on the property to her children but not the Kabaka’s sister who had fraudulently sold it last year.

the buyers, Juliet Namiro and Faridah Kinene last year dragged the royal to Mengo Chief Magistrate Court where she promised to refund their money but didn’t before evading arrest by the court bailiffs twice.

The Naalinya who has been at loggerheads with Buganda Prime Minister Charles Peter Mayiga was meant to be shipped to Luzira Prison for eight months by Thursday evening, TheUgandan could not readily establish if she had been taken to jail or negotiated her way out of the mess.

Naalinya is a title given to the sister of Kabaka of Buganda, who is chosen as a custodian of a Royal tomb. The Naalinya is therefore a Princess Royal installed to continue the duties and rituals performed in the tomb.




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