Ivan Semwanga had a fake identity, died and buried with different names – Zari spills secrets

Ivan Semwanga had a fake identity, died and buried with different names – Zari spills secrets

Fresh widow and socialite Zarinah Tlale has shade more light on the rumour that fallen businessman Ivan Semwanga could have faked his 11-day struggle with a stroke, death and eventual burial on Tuesday 30th May n Nakaliro, Kayunga District.

Just after he had been laid to rest, the rumour started circulating that Ivan was in South Africa enjoying life.

In an exclusive interview at her mother’s home in Munyonyo days after her estranged husband’s burial, Zari revealed that she all along understood Semwanga alone and in her own way.

Zari also disclosed how the lifeless body of her three sons’ father was checked out of Entebbe International Airport through South Africa Airways using a fake name and a fake death certificate – Ali Sennyomo!

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TheUgandan broke the story about how mourners had claimed that no one was allowed to view Ivan’s body and that the casket was locked all the time.

It should be recalled on arrival at Entebbe, bouncers hired by Zari where photographed tearing off a polyethylene sheet with which Semwanga’s coffin had been wrapped.

That had the body’s identity as Ali Sennyomo.

Zari said; “It is true Semwanga has been frequently changing his identity in South Africa depending on the deals he was doing and he was until his death using the name Ali Sennyomo as his official identity.”

“Even at Steve Biiko Hospital, the South African doctors were treating the patient Ali Sennyomo and even the body that checked into and out of Entebbe Airport last weekend was of Ali Sennyomo.”

Asked whether the body that was buried in Kayunga on Wednesday was of Sennyomo or Semwanga, Zari insisted it was the real father of her children who was laid into the ground. “No, it was Ivan Semwanga because the identity of Ali Sennyomo working in South Africa and while still alive, he would switch back to Semwanga everytime he landed at Entebbe while back home on business or to visit people but at South Africa’s Olivier Tambo International Airport, he was Ali Sennyomo,” Zari intimated.

Zari’s latest revelations will stir more controversy at a time when different audios are still making rounds on social media with people claiming that Ivan defrauded a South African national identified as Khalid of $216m in cash, diamonds and gold and his get-away plan was to fake his own death. Conspiracy theorists went on that he has already changed his look thanks to plastic surgery and is somewhere in the world enjoying his money.

There has also been talk that the whole Semwanga death ould have been a publicity prank.  Ivan Semwanga and his Rich Gang crew have been known to seek popularity in whatever way possible through staging expensive parties, splashing cash in bars among many other things.

Staging a death has also been perceived as a publicity stunt for the rich gang to command headlines in the country and the region at large.

Indeed, for the last one week, Ivan Semwanga and the Rich Gang have been the news.

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