Israeli scientist tells Ugandan children to appreciate technology

Israeli scientist tells Ugandan children to appreciate technology


Dr Sigal Uziel-Karl, an Israeli Scientist is in the country to partner with the government to ensure Ugandan children appreciate science, an area that is taking the lead in developing nations.
In an exclusive interview with theUgandan, Dr Sigal noted that technology is the way to go and that children must be groomed early enough to appreciate and love science subjects.

Dr Sigal (L), her Mother Rebeka (R) with the C.E.O of the The Ugandan online publication (C), Mr Dixon Ampumuza

“Technology is one of the most important things in the world and Ugandan children must be empowered not only to love but to make sciences part of their lifestyle,” said Dr Sigal.
Dr Sigal is a volunteer and mentor with first inspires organization, a robot competition Lego league for thousands of children in the US, Israel and across Europe.
In these competitions children in the age brackets of  5-8, 9-14, 15-16, and 16-18 years learn various scientific things.
“Children learn so many things like presenting to audiences, to do research, team work, how to manage budgets, draw schedules, and respect for one another,” Dr Sigal explained.
She added that through the competitions, children learn essential subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Mechanics and programming.
Children are taught how to make robots and Dr Sigal came along with one of the robots manufactured by one of her learners.

One of the robots developed by the scholars mentored by Dr Sigal

She is engaging Makerere University engineering department to identify and form a team of mentors and volunteers who will guide the children across the country.

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