IPOD summit resolutions are null and void – FDC

IPOD summit resolutions are null and void – FDC
Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Party says says the discussions and resolutions taken from Inter Party Organization for Dialogue IPOD summit held last week are null and void due to the absence of their party president Patrick Amuriat Oboi.
According to the party’s deputy secretary general Harold Kaija , the memorandum of understanding of IPOD states that the IPOD council and summit ceases to be, upon absence of one of the political party and the same applies to the last held summit. 
FDC didn’t attend the last week’s IPOD summit saying the ruling party has reneged on many of its proposals for the summit.
Similarily, the ruling NRM party has lashed out at the FDC  for not attending the historic summit.
In her remarks at the summit,  the NRM secretary general Kasule Lumumba said it is unfortunate to see the FDC party which always criticized the NRM leadership of sabotaging efforts to have summit being the one to abscond.
Lumumba assured the FDC that every time they create a vacuum, it has to be filled up by those ready NRM inclusive.
She adds that the FDC would have been in a better position to face the president  whom they always point fingers and explain their grievances.
She meanwhile expressed the party’s commitment to never pull out from any of the IPOD activities.
FDC pulled out of the IPOD summit saying their freedom of expression had been stifled by government.

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