‘Grassing’ Ssebakigye called Madrat & Chiko ‘local obscene Luganda comedians’

‘Grassing’ Ssebakigye called Madrat & Chiko ‘local obscene Luganda comedians’
Eazzy Banking

Rib cracking humorists Madrat and Chiko have clapped back at their faded comrade-in-arms Emmanuel Ssebakigye for trashing them a few years ago as not funny enough.

The Mukono lightning rods in an interview on Friday seemed to implore that Ssebakigye was a spent force and gandaogynistic idiot who disses and mistrusts Luganda comedians.

They told society reporter Lawrence Ogwal, “… we were tired of only being based in Mukono. One day we decided to take a taxi to Kampala and our motive was to perform at Theatre Labonita. We used to watch a show on TV called Haha and we wanted to be part of it. We approached Emmanuel Ssebakigye, but unfortunately he turned us down, saying we could not perform at Labonita since we were local and only performed in Luganda. He said he did not want to work with Luganda comedians because they were obscene. Since then, we have gained confidence that we can even perform for Donald Trump if contacted.”

It’s pretty clear — the duo has had a steady progress since while Ssebakigye is now grassing and almost forgotten on the comedy scene.

They want him to even know how they recently killed it at Alex Muhangi’s maiden Comedy Store show this year this week alongside Kenya’s witty master Eric Omondi.

Your move, Ssebakigye.


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