First big winner of Uganda’s Takula Cash lottery emerges

First big winner of Uganda’s Takula Cash lottery emerges

The first winners of the Uganda’s biggest lottery payoff have begun to emerge as they share a Shs 5 Billion pot of cash to be divided among thousands of lucky ticketholders.

Ms. Tugumisirize Jalia, a vendor in Masaka town has today received Ugx 5 million she won in the “Takula Cash” lottery. She received her prize money at an event held at Mega Standard supermarket in downtown Kampala, one of the in-trade locations for the Takula Cash lottery.

Unlike lotteries that offer one large jackpot, Uganda’s Lidtech Takula Cash drawing sprinkles a variety of winnings on thousands of ticketholders.

The prize money was handed over at Mega Standard Supermarket in Kampala by a team from Lidtech Uganda, the lottery operator, lead by their general manger Aaron Kasozi who encouraged Ugandans to participate in the lottery. While receiving her cash prize, she revealed that she is going to invest the winnings in her business and boost her capital base.

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“We are excited to hand over this Ugx 5 million cash prize to Jalia Tugumisirize. Her win is testimony that Takula Cash is a real lottery and will give all legitimate winning numbers their cash. The lottery is countrywide and we encourage the public to participate,” Aaron Kasozi stated.

Low tier Prizes, below 4 Million Ugandan Shillings, will be instantly redeemable by Mobile Money while high tier prizes, over 4 Million, will be paid by Lidtech Uganda and the top prizes winners are being communicated via their Facebook page and in the Media.

“Our mission is not only to maximize revenue but also to operate with the highest standards of integrity and public trust. We are committed to meeting our Social Responsibility, so Minors are strictly not be allowed to play, and we will also identify and fund reputable Charities whose activities have a positive impact on the community,” Mr. Kasozi elaborates.



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