FIRE! Arsonists almost burn down MP Abiriga’s home

FIRE! Arsonists almost burn down MP Abiriga’s home
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Uganda Police is investigating an alleged arsonist attack on Arua Municipality Member of Parliament Ibrahim Abiriga’s home in Arua Town, West Nile.

Abiriga whose trademark ill-fitting yellow suit, yellow shoes, yellow tie, yellow cap and a yellow shirt, among other yellows, have made him a ‘‘national sensation’’reported a of attempted arson to Police, his wife , Ms Aminah Sijali revealed.

Sijali said during the Saturday night incident the attackers first cut the wire mesh and attempted to push the petrol into the sitting room but when the Abirigas woke up, they off before they could set the house ablaze

“The attackers took advantage of the heavy down tp attack our home before being interrupted. We found jerrican containing five litres of petrol abandoned at the door way.” Ms. Sijali said.

She did not divulge further details about the incident but two police officers have since been deployed to guard MP Abiriga’s home.

A colourful dresser, Abiriga is a former rebel with the West Nile Bank Front, but he has since embraced the NRM, and often shines in yellow, the ruling party colour.

His presidential age removal shenanigans which are only good for a theatre of the absurd have graced national headlines for months.

Infamously on September 25, 2017 along Kyaggwe Road within Kampala city, Abiriga was caught on camera easing himself on the fence of the Ministry of Finance.

Mr Abiriga was quoted in the media saying he was badly off and that’s why he got out of the car to ease himself in the open.

“I was badly off. Should I have kept urine on myself? What is the problem with that?” Abiriga said days later in a televised interview at the entrance of Parliament chambers.


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