FDC dumps notorious Ingrid Turinawe at crucial moment

FDC dumps notorious  Ingrid Turinawe at crucial moment
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The opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has Monday decided not to send its controversial mobliser Ingrid Turinawe as their representative to the East African Legislative Assembly (Eala).

Ms Turinawe, also FDC’s chief mobiliser, lost to Ibi Florence who was last year kicked out of the Ugandan Parliament as woman representative for Kaberamaido after two two terms.

Today, there were campaign at the party Headquarters in Najjanankumbi along Entebbe road and Ibi Florence managed to convince the party’s National Executive Committee members to vote for her and not the other 8 aspirants. She got 20 votes, ahead of Ingrid Turinawe with 18 while the other votes from FDC’s NEC that currently has 69 members who are eligible to vote were spilt between Mr Augustine Ojobile, Ms Gloria Paga, Mr Patrick Baguma, Mr Wilberforce Kyambadde, Mr Innocent Ayo and Mr Hebert Mayemba.

Ms Turinawe is infamous for having had the police and government (defendants) in 2014 for allegedly squeezing her breast while she went to attend a political rally in Nansana, Wakiso district last year. She wanted Shs560 million as compensation for damages to atone for this embarrassment.

Ibi Florence has been voted FDC’s EALA representative after today’s exercise at Najjanankumbi


Members of FDC’s National Executive Committee (NEC) selected among the nine contestants who will represent the party during the parliamentary vote.

Previously, FDC which did not participate in the 2012 Eala elections was given two slots but the number of candidates the party is to send for the House vote will depend on the number of slots Parliament will allocate to the party.

Currently, the House is considering rules that will inform the Eala elections and will determine how many slots to allocate to the FDC party with majority opposition Members of Parliament.

Uganda has nine slots whereby the incumbent party has six slots, opposition has two and independent has one.


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