FDC disown former President Mugisha Muntu’s M7 campaign

FDC disown former President Mugisha Muntu’s M7 campaign
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Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has disowned their former president Maj.Gen Mugisha Muntu’s consultative meetings -this as the former FDC president embarks on nationwide consultative meetings in Hoima district.
As the retired army man opened the first meeting on Monday at Resort Hotel in Hoima town, it was revealed that a letter authored by FDC Secretary General Nathan Nandala Mafabi warned that no party member should carry out any public activities anywhere in the country before consulting the party headquarters.

Gen Muntu, who was recently defeated in the recent presidential elections by Patrick Amuriat Oboi, said long standing differences in FDC needed to be addressed.
“I’m already in Hoima,” Muntu’s public relations official, Goldino Nyamugabwa, told edge, saying nothing would stop their consultations.
Mafabi’s new orders could worsen the tension in the party as liberals continue to urge Muntu to form a new political force.
Muntu too goes in the field when Dr Kizza Besigye is expected to start rallies on his ‘Tubalemese’ campaign, which was endorsed by FDC NEC.


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