Famine-hit districts get more Shs10 billion

Famine-hit districts get more Shs10 billion
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The Government has allocated Shs10 billion shilling to feed over 80 districts as the dry spell hits the county hard.

Hilary Onek Minister for Relief, Disaster Preparedness and Refugees says each districts will get three trailers  full with food rations.

He said the Chinese Government has donated 200 containers of rice to help in fighting drought has since left nearly 9 million Ugandans in urgent need of food aid across the country and will will continue to aid hunger-hit areas with food relief and assures all citizens that “no Ugandan will die of hunger.”

The northeastern Karamoja region is the worst hit with two in three people having access to only half a meal or less per day, Teso sub-region and the western district of Isingiro are also badly affected.

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There are two harvests each year in Uganda. This year, because of a lack of rain, the first harvest failed. There will be a second harvest in the near future, although it is expected to be less plentiful than normal and crops in many parts of the country have been destroyed by changing rainfall pattern, floods and landslides, according to the UN food agency FAO which warned of impending food crisis early last year.

In December 2017, President Yoweri Museveni announced that funds budgeted for road construction will be diverted into providing food aid.

By Willbroad Onencan


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