Family members ‘living in fear’ after Kaweesi killing

Family members ‘living in fear’ after Kaweesi killing
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As Police investigations into all possible clues in the gruesome killing of Assistant Inspector General of Police, Andrew Felix Kaweesi continue, his family members have asked for protection.

About 25 members of the bereaved family who held a closed-door meeting at the slain officer’s city home in Kulambiro, Nakawa Division on Wednesday, speaking in low tones and appeared tense complained that many of them are living in fear since the burial of Kaweesi at Kitwe-Kyanjovu in Kyazanga, Lwengo District.

Kaweesi, his bodyguard Kenneth Erau, and driver Godfrey Wambewo were gunned down by unknown gunmen riding on motorcycles a few metres away from his home in Kulambiro, a Kampala suburb on March 17.

Now, the family is scared that Kaweesi shared some of the threats to his wife with many, his workplace and politicians who felt he was a threat to their positions and political life.

“Some of us have been close to Kaweesi and shared a lot. He was killed yet he was guarded. What about us who are not armed? We do not know the motive of the killers,” a male family source, who we cannot name due to the sensitivity of the matter, said.

The relative says that the family is now wondering why Police has not contacted or updated some of them to help the investigations.

“It is puzzling how no one is updating us and all we can do is rely on media reports.”

There are allegations that the slain Kaweesi had earlier received death threats from a mobile phone whose Simcard was unregistered.
A source said this prompted Kaweesi to give stringent directives to his driver never to make stopovers.

“For example, one of the local politicians sent messages to Kaweesi’s brother threatening to shed blood if Kaweesi went ahead to get involved in local politics,” the relative added.

A couple of days ago, TheUgandan was informed by a Police source that detectives had retrieved the call logs of Kaweesi’s personal phone, in total, 28 incoming and outing calls within 6 hours to his killing but the investigators are only focusing on two phone calls from unregistered numbers that they believe are related to the incident.


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