Family of Kenneth Akena murder suspect speaks out again

Family of Kenneth Akena murder suspect speaks out again

The family of Mathew Kanyamunyu, the prime suspect in the murder of Kenneth Watmon Akena, a community development officer, who was last Saturday evening shot at Game Store parking lot is speaking out.

Kanyamunyu and his lover Cynthia Munwangari have been released on bond by Police after being arrested for alleged shoot and kill incident that has sent shockwaves allover Uganda.

“I hate how everything is happening and how things are going on,” said the suspect’s brother Julius Kanyamunyu on Monday evening.

Many of Kanyamunyu’s family members say they are shocked and sadden to hear he was arrested for the death of  Kenneth.

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“It is crazy.” said Julius. “People have been making their comments on Facebook saying he should be killed and they should kill us too. And there are mixed stories of what happened.”

“My condolences to the Akena family,” said Kanyamunyu’s aunt Ms Winnie Byanyima. “Our family doesn’t condone violence.”

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Earlier today, the suspect’s elder brother and local advertising guru Joseph Kanyamunyu had issued a statement distancing him from the shooting and killing of Akena.

The elder brother insisted assassins wanted to kill Kanyamunyu’s girlfriend and accidentally shot the social worker.

“Mathew has been very collaborative in assisting the Police with all inquiries. I know Matthew, Cynthia and every reason to believe in their innocence and i am sure that when all the facts are out, their names will be cleared,” he said in the statement.

“Further on, sifting through the facts, I now have a good reason to believe that the same bullet that took the life of Kenneth Akena could have actually been prepared for Mathew or his lovely girlfriend Cynthia Munangwari who was also in the car,” he added before sating.” First and fore most it’s no secret that Cynthia and her family are being politically persecuted in her country and for a long time now have spotted assailants following her around, who we believe could have made an attempt on her life this time round. Her Auntie Hon. Hafsa Mossi an MP in the East African parliament was recently gunned down in Burundi, her sweet brother recently succumbed to nine bullets and he survived not forgetting all the others who continue to suffer political persecution wherever they are. Shouldn’t we be reaching our hearts out than furthering their hurt and pain?

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Deceased pinned Kanyamunyu

Akena, a child protection specialist with ACODEV in Kasese District, was shot in the stomach at around 8pm on Saturday and later succumbed to the bullet wounds at Novik hospital.

Police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi on Sunday told journalists that: “Before he died, Akena said the two people (Kanyamunyu and Munwangari) who had rushed him to the hospital are the ones who shot him for scratching their car,” he said.

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  1. Jose Kapende   November 14, 2016 at 5:02 pm

    Why the panic if you are not quilty….you are the ones together with your family contracting the whole story. Indeed its crazy as you said because you live with the truth, and just trying to cover it. Let police do their work then, BUT DARE NOT PUT ANY MANIPULATIONS.

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