Fallen Brig. Kyabihende married sisters, sired 40 children – reports

Fallen Brig. Kyabihende married sisters, sired 40 children – reports
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Colleagues have described Brig Geoffrey Kyabihende, Uganda’s fallen Defence attaché to the Democratic Republic of Congo as a shrewd, outgoing man who enjoyed the finer things of life and a good ‘dance’. Word has it that during his stint as UPDF 3rd Division Commander where he was deputized by the late Maj. Gen. Levi Karuhanga, the Col. Kyabihende was famed as a ladies man due to his love for the female creature and hard partying ways.

He died at Nakasero Hospital on Monday of natural illness, according to a statement by the army spokesman, Brig Richard Karemire.

Although survived by two official wives (who are sisters from Sembabaule), Brig. Kyabihende is rumored to have sired several children with many women, including a South African national.  Unconfirmed reports put the number of his women at 10 while the children were estimated to be 40.

Brig. Kyabihende was famously dropped as Court Martial head by Museveni and replaced by Col. Sula Semakula following reports of his involvement in smuggling in eastern Uganda. Sources say that around that time, he possed a fleet of trucks which gained notoriety for transporting contraband Supermatch cigarettes into the country. It is said that it was around this time that he amassed so much wealth and was even able to build a house at his birthplace in Kazo, Nyabushozi, Kiruhura District.

More talk went around that he bitterly fell out with President Museveni over reports that he was among the few top UPDF officers who aided the escape of Col. Kizza Besigye to South Africa in 2001. Brig. Kyabihende was faulted for being part of the underground network that helped Besigye on house arrest beat the state machinery to sneak out of his Port Bell, Luzira residence that was on a 24-hour surveillance observation.

Brig Kyabihende was a company commander in 3rd Battalion under Col. Lumumba at the time of the NRM/NRA liberation of Uganda in 1986 and rose to the level of Brigade and Division commander in various NRM/ UPDF unit and formations during the time of service, according to the statement.

The fallen officer also served as Director Liaison NRA/ British Military training, deputy camp commandant and Chairman Division Court Martial Land force headquarters- Bombo as well as Cantonment Commander, Magamaga.


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