Experts meet in Entebbe over Karamoja issues

Experts meet in Entebbe over Karamoja issues

The State Minister for Karamoja Affairs Moses Kizige calls on the IGAD member states drafting a protocol on free movement of cattle in Karamoja to protect the interest of the local people.

Kizige notes that stakeholders have to encourage states to create favorable conditions like water dams for pastoralists on national borders to reduce on the movement of livestock in search for pasture and water.

He noted that Uganda has already embarked on the campaign to disarm pastoralist and create water dams which has improved their living conditions but also attracted pastoral communities from neighboring countries hence the challenge.

He was speaking at the opening of a two-day national consultations on the draft protocol on transhumance in Karamoja region, at Entebbe.

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Dr. Adan Bika, the head Dry Land Development and Climate Change Adaptation of IGAD Centre for Pastoralist Areas said that the protocol is in its final stages and soon will be approved by the IGAD Committee of Ambassadors.


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