Ex NSSF Jamwa guilty of swindling Shs 3.1 billion could walk free today

Ex NSSF Jamwa guilty of swindling Shs 3.1 billion could walk free today
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Supreme Court judge Stellah Arach Amoko will deliver her ruling today on whether to release on bail the jailed former NSSF managing Director David Chandi Jamwa.

Just Stellah as announced the date yesterday after presiding over Jamwa’s bail application which has been opposed by the IGG.

After spending 6 years on bail, the Court of Appeal in January this year sent back Jamwa to Luzira maximum prison to start serving a 14-year jail term that was handed to him in 2011 for causing NSSF a Shs3.1 billion loss.

Through his lawyers of AF Mpanga, Jamwa has presented 5 grounds upon which the supreme court should consider to release him on bail.

Among them is the fact he has lodged an appeal before the Supreme court challenging both his conviction and sentence and that his appeal has high chances of success.

He also contends that his health requires specialized medical attention and a balanced nutritional diet which he is unable to access while serving his sentence in prison.

However, state Attorney from the IGG’s office Rogers Kinobe asked justice Arach not to be persuaded by Jamwa’s reasons for bail because he is convicted of offenses relating to economic loss

Kinobe says Jamwa’s medical form only indicates that he suffers from obesity and hypertension and does not indicate that the medical facility in Luzira prison cannot handle his situation.


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