Entebbe locals show Museveni fury over women killings, blames Kayihura methods

Entebbe locals show Museveni fury over women killings, blames Kayihura methods
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President Museveni came under pressure on Monday (Sept 25) to explain the continued killing of women in the nearby Katabi Town Council when security officers “are just watching.”

At least 23 women have so far been killed in Wakiso District between May and September. The latest two were killed last week in Katabi area. Thirteen bodies have been picked in Katabi and 10 in Nansana Municipality.

Museveni’s press team lead by Don Wanyama the senior presidential press secretary and  Linda Nabusayi Wamboka shared pictorial footage on social media that showed speaking to locals on Entebbe murders.

“We have previously dealt with and defeated more sophiscated crime, including terrorism. We shall apprehend those behind these killings,” Museveni said.

This is criminal. War involves guns and that’s what we have been busy fighting, leaving murder and other crimes to police. But police has been using backward methods. We are going to solve this including new technology such as DNA to investigate. We shall also install CCTV cameras in major cities to ease police work,” he added.

Despite Mr. Museveni assuring them the killings will end and killers will be apprehended, the locals mostly women seemed unconvinced and occasionally questioned him on why it had taken him too long to intervene yet he resided in the same locality.

“Just think about it, he (President Museveni) stays in our area and is guarded by thousands of soldiers as our sisters continued to be killed. If that happened to his daughter?” questioned a local who preferred not to be named due to the sensitivity of the matter. “We will investigate it, I assure you is all he can tell as if these murders started yesterday.”

President Museveni speaks to locals on Entebbe murders. He has assured residents the killings will end and killers will be apprehended. (Photo/ PPU)

But State House said the community shared valuable information with the President as he offered condolences to the families who lost their loved ones and also committed to apprehending whoever is behind the heinous crimes.

Demonstrations and arrests

Earlier in the morning, four people were arrested during a demonstration over security organisation’s reluctance to end the murders that was organized by local leaders. Those arrested include Ms Aloyo Daisy Lugonjo, a councillor and Speaker of Division B Entebbe Municipality and three men who were not identified.

The protestors accused security officers in the area of doing nothing as their colleagues are being killed over unknown reasons.

They held a procession from Nakiwogo Landing Site to Kitooro where they were supposed to hold a rally to find lasting solutions to the murders.

A security source however tells TheUgandan that the a joint operation has been mounted that will comprise military men drawn from Special Forces Command (SFC), military intelligence and Air Force whereas the 300 police force is drawn from Flying Squad Unit, Counter-terrorism, Filed Force Unit and Crime Intelligence.

After failing to stop women murders in Wakiso District, police have sought the intervention of the army to hunt killers in Katabi Town Council in Entebbe and Nansana Municipality.


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