‘Egotistic’ Kabuleta scoops low, kisses Mbonye’s feet

‘Egotistic’ Kabuleta scoops low, kisses Mbonye’s feet
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Despite feared by many Ugandans as a nonsense newspaper  and television journalist, freshly remarried sports pundit Joseph Kabuleta last Friday, Joseph Kabuleta now a  gospel minister, joined several worshipers in kissing Prophet Elvis Mbonye’s shoes.

This was at a special event to pay tribute to Prophet Mbonye’s impact on their lives at Kololo Independence grounds.

Social media has been swamped with glossy photos of the flamboyant Pastor being chauffeured in a sleek Range Rover brand sport car and also seated in a gold-coated chair have been circulating on social media for the last two days.

Mbonye claims to sometimes see visions that predict future events, and has been called both a heretic and false prophet by critics. To show his devotion, Kabuleta has as well written newspaper opinions asking the Uganda government to employ Prophet Mbonye’s extraordinary gift for what it actually is; an asset to this nation.

His opinion, as published by Tri-weekly newspaper, The Observer on Friday received mixed reactions from readers, with critics asserting that “it’s not scientific enough to be officially acknowledged and included in national planning.”


Joseph Kabuleta says if Israel used the foreknowledge of a prophet to gain an advantage over her enemies, “shouldn’t Uganda use the uncanny abilities of our own Prophet Elvis Mbonye?”

Mr Kabuleta says when the UPDF was heavily involved in the civil wars that broke out in Burundi and South Sudan, Prophet Elvis Mbonye had several months before the guns were drawn, prophesied about both wars before an audience of hundreds, that later grew to thousands.


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