EC’s Jotham Taremwa explains pre-ticked ballots in Kagoma by-election

EC’s Jotham Taremwa explains pre-ticked ballots in Kagoma by-election
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As vote counting continues in Kagoma County Parliamentary by-elections, where voters today elect a new Member of Parliament, the Electoral Commission (EC), reacted after voters caught a pre-ticked ballot paper being issued.

Daily Monitor said an issuing officer at Buwenge polling station appeared to have pre-ticked a ballot paper before issuing it to a voter, triggering suspicion but the EC moved swiftly to clarify.

Speaking to Journalists at Kagoma, the EC spokesperson, Mr Jotham Taremwa clarified that it was an error that should not cause any alarm or panic.

He said: “A pen of one of the issuing officer slipped a little and kind of ticked an NRM candidate’s name.”

He continued: “But that was an error which was rectified immediately. The ballot paper will be considered invalid and will not count as a valid vote. Besides, this is just one case.”

Meanwhile, the provisional updates show that at Buweera Church of Uganda polling station, Independent candidate Muhammad Bizimack Bidondole  got 1 vote, Timothy Lusala Batuwa of the FDC had 7  votes, NRM’s Walyomu Muwanika came send with 54 and another Independent Alex Brandon Kintu lead with 127 while 2 votes were ruled invalid.

At  Buwenge Sub county Headquarters; 190 Brandon Kintu (190), Muwanika (33), Bidondole (3) and Batuwa (12).
At Butangala A polling station;  Brandon Kintu (187) Walyomu (102) and Batuwa (30).
At Namwendwa health centre II polling station; Kintu Brandon (19), Batuwa (22), Walyomu (219) and three invalid votes.
At  Namwendwa health center west and east, Walyomu (456), Brandon Kintu (52), Batuwa (75) and none for Bidondole.

 The Kagoma parliamentary seat fell vacant after the Court of Appeal nullified the result of the election following an appeal by Mr Kintu who was one of the contenders in the 2016 parliamentary race.
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  1. Jonathan Kalani   May 14, 2017 at 7:09 pm

    We can’t believe whatever results will be declared in this election!

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