Doctors STRIKE for more wages than MPs in Uganda

Doctors STRIKE for more wages than MPs in Uganda
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Doctors have resolved to go on strike over poor pay. This was resolved at a emergency meeting of the Medical Workers Union is at Mulago Hospital.

Last month, doctors voted to go on strike at all public hospitals, commencing today, unless government responds to their demands.

Their list of demands includes, a salary for doctors that will see an intern doctor earn Shs8.5 million, as opposed to the current Shs960,000 before tax.

They also want a medical officer or teaching assistant to be paid Shs Shs15 million and accorded a two-bedroom house and a 2.5cc vehicle.

They propose that a senior consultant doctor or professor, should be the highest paid health work with a gross salary of Shs48m plus allowances.

These will be accompanied by a five-bedroom house, 4.0cc vehicle, and three domestic workers.

Currently, a senior consultant doctor earns about Shs3.4 million, a consultant Shs2.6m, and a medical officer Shs1.1 million.

Earlier, the charged doctors in a full packed Davis Lecture Theatre at Mulago National Referral Hospital had wanted their Agenda amended not to allow Dr Rugunda to address them. He spoke only after Dr Obuku convinced them to listen to him amidst booing.

The doctors also want salaries for nurses and midwives enhanced to about Shs6.5 million besides a three-bedroomed house, 2.0cc vehicle and one domestic worker.

MPs get a monthly net salary of Shs 6.1 million plus allowances ranging between Shs 30 million to Shs 40 million, depending on the distance between parliament and their constituencies.

This money is usually posted to their accounts in the first week of a new month but this time round, Parliament has only disbursed the Shs 6.1 million salary.


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