Doctors attack Museveni over greed, threaten to strike

Doctors attack Museveni over greed, threaten to strike
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Doctors in Uganda’s public healthcare system have threatened to strike in protest over salaries whose value is being wiped out by a deepening economic crisis as President Museveni spends trillions of money to tighten his grip on power.

The doctors have demanded that government put in place contingency measures that ensure health workers are adequately paid in a stable currency, and also want the State to immediately address runaway price increases and shortages of basic medications to ensure the continued functioning of public health institutions.

This was today revealed by the Uganda Medical Association-UMA, the umbrella body of doctors has given government a 30 day’s notice to address their demands or else they lay down their tools.

The medics unanimously resolved at their general assembly held at Makerere University College of Health Science on Independence Day to lay down their tools on November 6th should government fail to meet their demands.

The Association brings together more than 6000 medical doctors both in public and private health facilities.

Dr. Ekwaro Obuku, the president Uganda Medical Association, argues that if government can find money to facilitate the age limit consultations, purchase teargas, bullets and patrol vehicles, it should find money to buy medicine and increase their pay.



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