DFCU Bank’s involvement in Kanyamunyu murder case explained

DFCU Bank’s involvement in Kanyamunyu murder case explained
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Since the death of Kenneth Akena in November last year following a shooting at Lugogo in Kampala, DFCU Bank Ltd. has in different ways been dragged into the messy affair. First it was alleged the victim was shooting after withdrawing money from the bank’s Shoprite Lugogo automated teller machine (ATM) and then two of DFCU’s security guards volunteered some information to the press disclosing how  on November 12, 2016, ‘two policemen guarding the stores near the road to Naguru hospital had told them they heard two gunshots at about 8pm.’

Fast-forward, Aruu County Member of Parliament, Samuel Odonga Otto yesterday lodged a case with the Police and also go to court over a Shs32m DFCU cheque number 5171021653827 allegedly issued on 27th January 2016  to the legislator by Mathew Kanyamunyu and Joseph Kanyamunyu who are key suspects in the murder of Kenneth Akena.

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And DFCU has categorically made it clear that the cheque in circulation is forged.The cheque in question has since become a question of investigation by the Police.

According to a letter dated Jan 13th 2017  and signed by Pious Olake, the DFCU company secretary and Denis Kibukamusoke the head of consumer banking, they acknowledge receipt of Hon Otto request to furnish him with details of the said cheque.

“We advise that the above mentioned cheque instrument is forgery, we confirm that the said instrument has never been presented to DFCU bank for processing,”.

They also wrote that DFCU has since lodged a complaint with the Police to further investigate matter and prosecute all culprits. The letter was copied to officer in charge of crime at Kampala Police station.

It is alleged that the cheque was intended to let the public believe that Hon Otto had failed to pay the money advanced to him by Kanyamunyu and thus his emotional attachment to infamous the murder case.

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