‘Cheptegei you are very stupid. You will die broke’ – Ugandans mock world 10,000m silver medalist

‘Cheptegei you are very stupid. You will die broke’ – Ugandans mock world 10,000m silver medalist
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Joshua Cheptegei, world 10,000 metre silver medalist claims he turned down Shs1.79 billion to run for rich Arabs.

Cheptegei was quoted as saying: “A rich Arab country wanted me to run for them with an offer of sh1.79b, but I treasure my country. I have always wanted to make my country proud, so I rejected the money. ”

The Uganda Government offers sh5m for Gold, sh3m for Silver and sh1m for Bronze.

Here’s how some supporters reacted to Cheptegei’s sentiments on Facebook:

“You want to make your country mates proud? Yet they mocked and laughed at you when u run in ‘italics’ at your home ground Kololo?…you can only make us proud when you run on water…Just eat the Money you nitwit.”  Abaine Micheal

“You are very stupid. You will regret it one day. I love Uganda with my whole heart but I love me more. I can’t be idle on the road struggling to eat, sleep. You should have taken the money and run for five to ten years then return home to develop your country.” River Song

“Joshua u will die poor chance knocks once. You think Museveni’s government values you. It is up to u to choose the best, to die poor or to die rich.” Muhumuza Godfrey

“This Primitive Patriotism must not be allowed! Are Ugandans abroad remitting billions here less Ugandans?” Tom Mutebi

“The thieves in government are stealing Billions then he is here rejecting such an offer? He is so stupid this government will never recognise him ,he wil die a poor chap.” Henry Chemba

“He is a fool 100%. Wait when he runs broke and asks us to fundraise.” Julie Musoke

“Kabulangane patriotism does it put food on the table or pay Bills!” Shamirah Kantengwa

He is a fool.  He should have learnt more about the lives of the Great John Akkibua, the Gazelle Inzikuru Dorcas, Afande Kiprotich etc. Anyway it was his decision to remain poor for the rest of his life so be it.  Let us enjoy the poverty in Uganda together my brother.”  Ajiga Man

“Parents have problems. Now assume you’re the father of such an idiot, what can you do to him when he comes back home empty handed and starts bringing up such idle talk?” Isaac Musinguzi 

Joshua Cheptegei’s silver was somewhat of a shock considering what happened to him in March at the World Cross-Country Championships
Cheptegei turned down UGX 1.79bn to run for rich Arabs

Do you think Cheptegei was wrong to turn down the offer? 



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