VIDEO: Busoga football fans use condoms as balloons

VIDEO: Busoga football fans use condoms as balloons

In this football merriment, Bukhooli county supporters use Durex condoms from a light-hearted, completely non-sexual angle… These fans use condoms as balloons after Bukhooli county emerged winner of Saturday’s Busoga Masaza Cup Finals at the Kyabazinga stadium in Bugembe, Jinja in a video by NTV Uganda. In the match played between Bukhooli county and Bunhya […]

What next for Somalia?: Challenges of building a national army and keeping peace

The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) was created with an initial six month mandate. Subsequent renewals of this mandate by the African Union peace and security council have also been authorized by the UN Security Council. At the beginning AMISOM had the objective of keeping peace in the country and to support the Somali Transitional Federal […]


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