Body of former UNLA Officer Brig Lupaka Langoya Arrives In Uganda

The body of the late Brig Langoya arrived yesterday at Entebbe International Airport aboard Emirates The body of former army officer Brig Johnson Lupaka Langoya who died from the United Kingdom on August 6 arrived in Uganda yesterday aboard Emirates Air. The cause of death was organ failure. He was 82. The late Langoya was […]

Life And Times of Brig Langoya: 1934-2016

  This  is a summarised text about the life and times of the late Brig Johnson Lupaka Langoya. The late Brigadier Johnson Lupaka Langoya was born in 1934 to Mzee Albert Omal and Mama Salume Atim of Olar-Kom, Dec in Padibe Sub County, Lamwo District.  Brig. Langoya was the second born in a family of […]

Will The Iron Hands Of the Police Produce Iron Citizens

The police is in the news for all the wrong reasons. General Kale Kayihura, its head, is an unpopular man by a difficult-to- measure but certainly large section of Uganda’s chattering class. It is generally a good sign for Uganda’s future that the police boss and his methods is loathed by the talking class. First, […]

UPC Split Over Omoro Woman MP Aspirant

The Gulu UPC Chairman Benjamin Oola Ameda(left in blue t-shirt)  and the UPC candidate for the Omoro woman member of parliament Shaka Marie Lapolo(right). The conflicts at Uganda House(the UPC headquarters)  has found its way in Omoro(Photo by James Owich) The candidature of Mariea Shaka Lapolo, the Omoro District Woman MP aspirant has divided members […]

Gulu RDC Cautions Balaalo On Threatening Locals

The meeting between Gulu Resident District Commissioner Capt Santos Okot Lapolo, Balaalo and lander owners in Oroko village in Gulu(Photo by David Okema) By David Okema Gulu Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Captain Santo Okot Lapolo has cautioned Balaalo in Gulu district from threatening violence against locals. Capt Lapolo was speaking yesterday during a meeting with […]

Police apologizes To Gulu Residents over Shootings of a Drunken Cop

Aswa region police spokesman Jimmy Patrick Okema said the  trigger happy drunken cop has been detained and will face disciplinary action. Police in Gulu has apologised to Gulu residents over last night’s shooting that sent many scampering in panic. Last night’s shooting, the police say, was caused by a trigger happy cop suspected to have […]

Opit Attack Soldiers Acquitted Over Cowardice Charge

Some of the Opit soldiers before the military court martial in Gulu. They were cleared of the cowardice charge against them(Photo by Claude Omona) Nine soldiers slapped with a cowardice charge for their failure to thwart  an attack on Opit army detach in May this year have been cleared of the charge by a military […]


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