Buganda quizzes Gen. Katumba Wamala over ‘Zaake killer punch’

Buganda quizzes Gen. Katumba Wamala over ‘Zaake killer punch’
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After yet to be unidentified people who attacked and robbed farm of Gen. Katumba Wamala found in Nabutti village located in Mukono municipality, sources says the decorated solider is in trouble with big men in Buganda Kingdom after almosting killing Mityana Municipality MP Francis Zaake last week.

One of the sources who is familiar with the inner workings of Bulange, Mengo noted that when Buganda elders saw video footages from the Wednesday unprecedented scuffle in Parliament during the introduction of age limit removal show that Katumba lost his temper, grabbed and punched the youthful legislator, they called Gen. Katumba and asked him some mind-boggling questions.

“General, what is this we are seeing on social media?” they reportedly questioned Wamala.

“When the long nosed security operatives invaded Parliament, did you see them assaulting their owns; Nuwagaba or Karuhanga?” they fumed.

“What had you smoked to assualt a fellow Muganda to the point of near killing him?” the elders pilled more questions on Wamala vehemently denied punching Zaake.

However appearing on NTV on Sunday evening, Gen. Katumba, said he only threatened the legislator but didn’t box him as it is being claimed by many people on social media and even mainstream.

“It’s true I grabbed Zaake when he threw a chair but I never boxed him. I only threatened him,” Katumba said.

The pressure has now cooled down on Wamala after doctors transferred him from intensive care unit to an ordinary ward.

Though Zaake continues to make steady recovery, what worries Katumba now are is the youthful MP’s closeness to Mama Fina. It is rumored that Mama Fina who is the mistress of African chemistry has assured Hon. Zaake that his tormentors will pay dearly in the next few weeks and the punishment of incurable impotence cannot be ruled out.

For now, the robbers managed to take off with over 200 chickens during the night, according to Joseph Byenkya a security guard on this farm.

Zaake in a social media statement on Sunday pinned Katumba for catching him unaware and raining uncountable blows on him that resulted to losing of consciousness.
An alleged picture by New Vision shows Gen Katumba punched MP Zaake

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