Buganda banishes Kibuule from Buikwe land

Buganda banishes Kibuule from Buikwe land

Over 1000 people have been reinstated back onto their land by Buganda Land Board at Kigaya and Golomolo villages in Buikwe District where they were evicted by the State Minister for Water Ronald Kibuule.

This is after Buganda Land Board ordered for cancellation of six land titles in the names of Ronald Kibuule comprised of 600 acres.

Speaking to Residents of Kigaya and Golomolo BLB Chief executive Officer Kiwalabye Male assured residents about their legality on the land that no one will evict them from their bibanja since the land belongs to the Kabaka.

Male promised to offer residents legal services to sue Minister Kibuule and his agents for trauma caused during the process of acquiring this land illegally.

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It is alleged that last year, Mr Kibuule, who is also the Mukono North MP, also fraudulently acquired ownership of land on Block 369, Plot 10.

The minister, a resident of Kasanje Village, Nama Sub-county in Mukono District, denied any wrongdoing and said he purchased the contested land from businessman Musa Kateregga without any squatters as per the search certificate issued in May 2017 by the district lands office in Mukono.

It is alleged that the contested land formerly under the official mailo land of the Namasole (Queen mother of reigning Kabaka of Buganda,) is under the management of BLB as per the Restoration Law through which government returned property belonging to cultural institutions.

Kibuule was later questioned over his alleged involvement in the deployment of armed security personnel in the area, leading to arrest and detention of several people who were also forced to flee their property and were rendered homeless. It is alleged that in July 2017, he was introduced as a new landlord and employed graders and surveyors leading to destruction of property.

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