Buganda attacks Museveni gov’t over handling of anti age-limit MPs

Buganda attacks Museveni gov’t over handling of anti age-limit MPs
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The centralist Buganda kingdom government has released an official statement on the events that took place in parliament this week.

Fighting broke out in Uganda’s parliament for two days between lawmakers pushing for a change in laws to remove age limits for presidential candidates and those opposing it.

At least 25 MPs opposed to the legislative move had been ordered by the speaker to vacate the chambers after being suspended for involvement in fighting as Special Forces Command took control of the Parliament Chambers.  More than half of the dissenting MPs represent constituencies within Buganda Kingdom.

On Friday, Buganda Prime Minister Charles Peter Mayiga called a press conference at Bulange, Mengo and tasked Museveni’s government to explain the brutal arrest of the legislators and the subsequent detention at various police stations.

“The Kingdom of Buganda is watching the developments taking place with especially in Parliament with great anxiety,” Mr Mayiga said.

“All Ugandans whether they support or oppose any constitutional amendments have the constitutional and legal right to express their views without being hindered, intimidated or arrested.”

Protests by students and opposition activists and supporters around Buganda Kingdom against the legislative measure – sometimes broadcast live – have been put down with tear gas and arrests of scores of people.


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