Bring Kayihura to us, rioting traders insist as gunfire and teargas rock Nateete Market

Bring Kayihura to us, rioting traders insist as gunfire and teargas rock Nateete Market
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Nateete Market traders are protesting the lease of the market, after another market saga broke out in Kampala on Monday.

“Traders are alleging that Nateete market was sold to a private investor,” TheUgandan was reliable told.

As the tension escalates, the police have been called in to quell a riot by Nateete market vendors. The vendors accuse their leaders of selling the market without consulting them.

They have reportedly vowed not to back off until their issues are addressed by President Museveni and police chief Kale Kayihura.

An eyewitness, Mr. Wambede Isaac told this website that depending on previous occurrences, “I think they should try negotiations with whoever is said to have bought the market. In Uganda of today, poor people are not valued, the rich always win. It is a fight they can’t win, perhaps talking and discussing with the boss can try to help but rioting will not help them. I have seen innocent people are imprisoned coz they were struggling to protect their land from greedy rich men.”

Misunderstandings over the markets began when KCC stopped following the original plan of tendering the markets to leasing them outright

The Ministry for Kampala was to institute a commission of inquiry into the growing wrangles in city markets.

Kampala Minister, Beti Olive Kamya, revealed to Parliament’s committee on Presidential Affairs on 27th September 2016 that the commission, which is yet to be named, will inquire into petitions received from sections of vendors across the 72 markets within the city.

The market wrangles get bloodier by the day.


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