Billions ‘stolen’ to bribe MPs, Lukwago tells Age Limit hearing in Mbale

Billions ‘stolen’ to bribe MPs, Lukwago tells Age Limit hearing in Mbale
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Erias Lukwago the lawyer representing the Leader of Opposition in Parliament Winnie Kiiza and five other opposition MPs   says Parliament breached its rules by passing a private member’s bill that caused a charge on the consolidated fund.

Elias Lukwago, told a panel of five justices that Article (93) of the Constitution prohibits parliament from passing a member’s bill whose effect causes tax -payers money to be drawn from the consolidated fund

Lukwago has explained that the Act of Parliament to  approve payment of Shs29 million to every MP under the guise of consulting with the electorate on whether to amend Article  (102)b regarding the lifting of the maximum presidential age- limit was wrong and amounts to theft of the said money by individual MPs.

Lukwago further stated that the passing of the infamous Magyezi bill by Parliament was unconstitutional because it involved a section of extending the tenure of office of the current parliament for 2 years from 2021-2023 whose effect will be felt by the consolidated fund in paying their emoluments.

Therefore Lukwago contends that parliament ought to have referred the bill to Ministry of Finance for purposes of ascertaining its financial implication on the tax -payers’ money something which was omitted.

However as the hearing  was going on , a certain group of youths in Mbale  town holding placards with names of justices presiding over this case attempted to March to Mbale High Court.

However police didn’t allow the group to reach near court as it foiled their move.


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