‘Biblical’ caterpillar plague attacks Bamunanika, Zirobwe and Luweero

‘Biblical’ caterpillar plague attacks Bamunanika, Zirobwe and Luweero
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The fall army worm has struck again in Luweero district leaving more than 200 farmers in a state of despair.

The worms, which affected the district last year, have been reported in Bamunanika, Zirobwe, Kalagala, Luweero and Kikyusa sub counties among others.

The worms eat the tip of the maize, killing the entire the plant. Kato Kabenge a maize farmer in Wantula village in Bamunanika Sub County says the fall army worms attacked his three acre maize garden destroying almost half of the plantation.

Kabenge says he deployed children to gather the worms and kill them but they failed to contain the worms because of their large numbers.

He says that he has also tried to spray against the pest but he can’t sustain it because of the high costs of the pesticides.

Shaban Lubulwa, another farmer in Wantula village has also lost two acres of his maize plants to the worms. He explains that his efforts to eliminate the worms haven’t yielded results, adding that he spent over Shillings 100,000 on pesticides to kill the worms in vain.

Geoffrey Lwanyaga, the Extension Officer for Zirobwe and Bamunanika Sub counties, says they are currently sensitizing farmers on the recommended pesticides and how to apply them correctly to kill the worms.

The Ugandan economy has lost billions of pounds by the pest


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