Besigye now fronting Bobi Wine to replace disgraced Kantinti in Kyadondo East

Besigye now fronting Bobi Wine to replace disgraced Kantinti in Kyadondo East

Wednesday’s Court of Appeal upholding a lower court decision that nullified the election of Apollo Kantinti as the Kyadondo East Member of Parliament works in the favour of singer Bobi Wine, real name Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, a family source said.

Bobi Wine has been saying all that will not deter him. To drive his point home he said; “No matter the time, (court takes to settle the appeal) I am contesting because of the demand from my people. All I need is to know what suit I will wear on swearing in day as the MP for Kyadondo East.”

Timing might not be great — three justices; Richard Buteera, Cheborion Barishaki and Paul Mugamba have today unanimously agreed with High Court Judge Henry Kaweesa that there was non-compliance of Electoral laws on the side of the Election Commission while conducting the said election which affected the result in a substantial manner.

The justices have ruled that after a careful re-evaluation of the evidence on record, they have also come to a conclusion that it was not clear on who won the Kyadondo East constituency election since results from 9 polling stations were not included in the final tally.

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They added that in such a manner over 5000 voters were defranchised when their cast votes were not given the same weight like others in the final tally.

The court of Appeal has now ordered the EC to conduct fresh elections to fill the now vacant position.

NRM’s Sitenda Sebalu contested Kantinti’s election in the High Court Kampala on grounds that the Electoral commission had conducted the said election in an improper manner.

And popular afro-beat artist Bobi Wine has already mobilized a team and enough resources to run for the seat on an FDC ticket.

It’s apparent Bobi Wine is so close to FDC stalwart Rtd. Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye will stand on an FDC ticket because Kantinti cannot stand again now.

Our sources say when Bobi Wine’s official campaigning manager ‘Mr. Robert Zidda’ heard about Wednesday’s ruling, he bragged about how their client (Bobi Wine) going forward is now free to do anything possible to see himself take over the vacant Parliamentary seat

There’s a buzz (Besigye home/FDC State House) where our sources say it will be virtually impossible to convince Kyandondo East’s most valued resident that any other aspirant than Bobi Wine can score more political points from that opposition stronghold and thus has his endorsement ahead of FDC Mobilisation Secretary Ingrid Turinawe – who has lost all her previous elective attempts.

As for whether Bobi Wine will make an official declaration for Kyadondo East seat this week — our source says it’s way too early to tell.


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