Army bosses who plotted to overthrow Museveni gov’t dismissed

Army bosses who plotted to overthrow Museveni gov’t dismissed
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Four soldiers found guilty by an army court of attacking Kabamba Barracks in Mubende District in 2014 ith intentions to overthrow the ruling government have been dismissed from the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces with disgrace.

The decision to dismiss Lt. Ronald Waibi, Lt. Col. Philip Frank, Capt. Hillman Bosco Aleper and Private Kenneth Sekajja Eguma was made by Lt. Gen. Andrew Gutti, the chairman for General Court Martial Makindye on Tuesday.

It is alleged  that the accused persons while in diverse places between September 2013 and May 2014 in districts of Kampala, Masaka, Luwero, Mubende in Uganda and Kenya convened meetings and recruited people to join a rebel group known as Uganda Democratic Federation.

Prosecution alleges that between February and May 2014, Kenneth Sekajja, formerly attached to air-defence, Nakasongola, and other suspects, failed to disclose vital information about the recruitment of people who were supposed to attack Kabamba in Mubende district. In the same period, prosecution says, the suspects attacked the Kabamba Armoured Warfare Training School (AWTS).

The accused persons in order to execute the mission  conducted recce in the barracks of Karama and Kabamba an act that had the effect of prejudicing the security of the defence forces.

Lt Col Frank Eguma (the alleged team leader) was formerly attached to Kimaka as director of staffs while Capt Hillman Aleper, formerly attached to AWTS.

Last month, the group of convicted soldiers pleaded guilty to the accusations in regard to offences relating to security in connection with the alleged botched attack on Kabamba Barracks.

Through their lawyer, Lt Brian Moogi, the convicts pleaded to army court for a lenient sentence saying they are remorse.

“Confessing is a sign of remorsefulness and this should be rewarded to the convicts. We pray that court considers the time spent on remand and convicts being first time offenders, they should be given short time imprisonment,” Lt Moogi pleaded.

Lt Gen Andrew Gutti who chairs the Army Court on Tuesday ordered for the dismissal of the soldiers from the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) citing gravity of the offence and prejudicing the security of the whole country.


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