Age limit bill passed

Age limit bill passed
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The first hurdle to make sure that President Yoweri Museveni, 73, will be able to run in elections in 2021 if the bill has been passed.

Parliament presided over by Speaker Rebecca Kadaga passed the first vote on the contentious bill to remove the presidential age limit, with a two-thirds majority by the ruling party National Resistance Movement (NRM) has attained 312  votes for removing the age cap while 96 mainly opposition MPs voted NO after today’s voting.

There will now be a further reading of the bill, which would allow Mr. Museveni to run for a sixth term in office.

At the moment a candidate must be under 75 to run for president.

The Bill is now headed for the third reading and if passed (as expected) it will be sent to the president to become law.

Below is how MPs voted.

Below is how MPs voted.

Ameru: No

Amoding: No

Among Anita: Yes

Amongi Betty: yes

Amongin Jacqueline: yes

Amoru: Yes

Amule: Yes

Angundro: Yes

Angura: yes

Anite: Yes

Anyakumi: Yes

Anywarach: No

Aogon: No

Aol Ocan: No

Aridru: Yes

Ariko: No

Hon Fungaro: No

Gafabusa: No

Galabuzi: yes

Gonahasa: No

Guma: yes

Igeme: Yes

Ikojo: Yes

Ilukor: Yes

Isara: yes

Musumba: Yes

Kaahwa: yes

Kabafunzaki: yes

Kabigye: yes

Kabaziguruka: No

Sekitoleko: yes

Kafuzi: Yes

Kahunde: No

Kajara: yes

Kajungu: yes

Arinaitwe: yes

Arinda: Yes.

Adana: Yes
Hon Ababiku: Yes

Hon Abachacon: No

Abiriga: Yes

Remigius yes

Opendi: Yes

Aciro Lucy: No

Acon: Yes

Adeke: No

Adome: No

Adong: No

Agaba: Yes

Achiro: Yes

Akampurira: yes

Akello Lucy: No

Akello Sylvia: No

Akena: No

Ahimbisibwe: Yes

Akurut: Yes Aleper: yes.

Asamo: Yes

Asimo: Yes

Asiku: Yes

Atiku: No

Anywar: Yes

Atim Joy: No

Ogwal: No

Atyang: yes

Afua: yes

Awor: Yes

Atima: yes

Ayepa: Yes

Ayo: yes

Baba James: Yes

Babirye Judith:Yes

Babirye Sara: yes

Babirye (masaka) No

Bafaki: yes Bagole: Yes

Hon Baguma: Yes

Bahati: yes

Nambooze: No

Bakabukindi: yes

Balyeku: yes

Bangirana: yes

Baryayanga: No

Baryomunsi: Yes

Batigeka: Yes

Syda: Yes

Bebona: Yes

Bigirwa: No

Bintu: Yes

Birungi: yes

Bitangalo: yes

Bukenya M: Yes

Burundo: Yes

Butime: yes

Byabagambi: yes

Byandala: yes

Byarugaba: Yes

Byekwaso: yes

Centenary: No

Chekamondo: yes

Chekweo: Yes

Chelimo: yes

Chemutai: No

Cheptoris: yes

Damuzungu: Yes

Baba Diri: Yes

Dujanga: Yes

Echweru: yes.

Egunyu: Yes

Eitunganane: No

Etuka: Yes

Hon Kakooza James: Yes

Kakooza Joseph: yes

Kalemba: yes

Kalisa: yes

Kaluya: yes

Kamara: yes

Kamateeka: yes

Kamugo: yes

Kamuntu: yes

Kamusime: yes

Pentagon: Yes

Kangwagye: yes

Karubanga David: Yes

Kasaija: yes

Kasibante: No

Kasirivu: yes

Kasolo: yes

Kasozi Ibrahim: No

Kasozi Joseph: Yes

Kasule: yes

Kasumba: yes

Kato: No

Katoto: Yes

Katumba: yes

Katuntu: No

Katuramu: Yes

Katusabe: No

Katushabe Ruth: yes

Katwesigye: yes

Kesande: yes

Khainza: No

Kibalya: No

Kibule: Yes

Kiza Earnest:Yes

Kiza Stella: Yes

Hon Winnie Kiiza: no

Kisembo: yes

Kitata: yes

Kitutu: yes

Kiwanda: Yes

Kiwanuka: Yes

Kizige: yes

Koluo: Yes

Komakech: No

Komuhangi: Yes

Koreta: yes

Kulaigye: Yes

Kumama: yes

Kuningira: Yes

Kusasira: yes

Kutesa P. Yes

Kutesa Sam: Yes

Kwiyocwiny: yes

Kyagulanyi: no

Hon Lamwaka: yes

Lanyero: yes

Lokeris P: yes

Lokeris Samson: Yes

Lokii: Yes

Lokodo: yes

Lokor: yes

Lubogo: yes

Lukyamuzi David: No

Lutamaguzi: No

Lyomoki: No

Macho: No!

Mafabi Isma: Yes

Maganda: Yes

Magyezi: Yes

Makumbi: yes

Mandera: yes

Mangusho: Yes

Hon Masika: Yes

Masiko: Yes

Mawanda: yes

Mayende: Yes

Mbabali: yes

Mbabazi: Yes

Mbaju: No

Taban: Yes

Mbayo: yes

Mbeisa: Yes

Mbogo: Yes

Mbwatekamwa: No

Mirembe D. yes

Mpuuga: No

Mudukoi: yes

Mugenyi: Yes

Mugoya: yes

Mugume: No

Mugisa: yes

Muheire: Yes


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