Why Abiriga urinated on Ministry of Finance fence

Why Abiriga urinated on Ministry of Finance fence
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The Arua Municipality Member of Parliament, Ibrahim Abiriga, has admitted urinating in public outside the Finance Ministry.

“Yesterday, I was badly off. I wanted to urinate… I was urinating,” Mr Abiriga said in a television interview.

Asked why he had relieved himself on the ministry’s fence, Mr Abiriga said: “Why not, why not? I was badly off. Can I keep on keeping urine on me?”

The MP is one of the promoters of a move to remove the presidential age limit clause from the constitution, which could allow President Museveni to stand for another term in office.

But Mr. Abiriga on Tuesday at Parliament claimed that it was insensitive to publish his picture terming it “nonsense” because urinating is natural and an avoidable.


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