Abiriga hunted by MP after adopting ‘prophet Museveni pose’

Abiriga hunted by MP after adopting ‘prophet Museveni pose’
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MP Ibrahim Abiringa [Arua Municipality] whose love for President Yoweri Museveni and the colour yellow without a doubt knows no extremes.

The love for President has now drawn Hon. Abiriga to copy his gestures.

After exciting Ugandans with his yellow clothes, Abiriga is now mimicking how the President stands, taking over former vice president Gilbert Bukenya’s role of imitating the Head of State.

“If the yellow outfits are boring, let’s try a “M7-pose”, Col Ibrahim Abiriga was overheard telling fellow MPs at Parliament.

Many were left amused by his standing posturing saying Abiriga is trying too hard ‘to be like his mentor Museveni’.

Some legislators said Abiriga has resolved to put on a UPDF army uniform as one of the possible solutions of scaring away his enemies opposed to his position of supporting the lifting of the age limit.

Kawempe North Lord Councilor Muhammad Ssegirinya is among those who had threatened to thump him over the contentious debate. “Even if u change the dress code I will continue….. Looking for u bwana Abiriga,” Ssegirinya posted on social networking side, Facebook.

Another victim that tested wrath of those against lifting the age limit is Kasanda South M.P Simeo Nsubuga who was man handled and beaten up by a one Kyuma Kya Yesu during Kabaka Ronald Mutebi coronation ceremony.

The former army man recently vowed that there is no prophet that has been sent by God when another one is still there therefore Museveni should be given his time.


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