Abdu Katuntu ‘trusts’ embattled Bagyenda

Abdu Katuntu ‘trusts’ embattled Bagyenda
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The former Bank Supervision Director Justine Bagyenda is expected before the Parliamentary Bank of Uganda probe today.

The committee on commissions statutory authorities and state enterprises extended Bagyenda’s summons when she failed to show up last week on Thursday.

Bagyenda through her lawyers requested the committee allow her time to return from the United states where she had gone to attend  the International trauma summit in Houston.

The committee chairperson Abdu Katuntu refused to heed to calls by MPs on the committee to issue an arrest warrant for her and advised that she appear today thereby extending her summons.

Bagyenda is critical to the investigation into the closure of various banks by the central bank, the committees findings so far indicate that progressive reports on the liquidation of assets of the closed banks remain missing.

The central bank management has also submitted to the committee evidence in the form of security CCTV footage showing Bagyenda flouting security procedure and smuggling out of the bank bags allegedly containing sensitive bank documents.


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