1100 defilers remain unprosecuted

1100 defilers remain unprosecuted
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Eleven thousand defilement cases remain unprosecuted by the Directorate of Public Prosecutions.
DPP Mike Chibita yesterday discussed statistics of the defilement cases reported to his office for prosecution, from the year 2015/2016 to 2017/2018.

Justice Chibita was launching a reception and holding space for child victims and witnesses, at his office in Kampala.

Justice Chibita noted that during the process of handling their work, they have always encountered challenges managing children who come into conflict with the law, child victims of crime, child witnesses to crime and juvenile offenders.

He said the number of cases handled in 2017/2018 totals to 4,500, a figure much smaller than the number of defilement crimes quoted in the annual crime report of the Uganda Police Force, which stands at 14,000.

This shows a gap of about 11,000 cases that are not prosecuted.


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