Felix Kaweesi murder: Police officer, others arrested over over assassination

Felix Kaweesi murder: Police officer, others arrested over over assassination

Following the gruesome death of the police spokesman, Andrew Felix Kaweesi, his bodyguard and driver, all of whom were assassinated on Friday, authorities have arrested scores of people including a police officer.
Though Uganda Police Force is yet to issue a statement, an insider source reveals that a top suspect only identified as Judas Taddewo was arrested on Saturday at around 6.30pm, at Kaweesi’s murder scene, a short distance away from his home in Kkulambiro, a city suburb.
According to a senior intelligence officer involved in the investigations, preliminary information suggests that said that Taddewo was arrested in possession of a pistol and was scooping soil and blood from the murder scene.
Locals tipped off the Police after seeing him packing soil and into a polythene bag several hours after investigators had left the murder scene.
Taddewo is described by investigators as having behaved in a strange manner, looking up and down as if he wanted to steal something and shortly after, started collecting the clotted blood and soil from the ground before he was cornered.
Taddewo was then taken by officers into the late Kaweesi’s home and was interrogated by top officers who had to cut short their burial organisation meeting.
Eyewitnesses say, he was after an hour driven out of the home along Doctors’ Lane and rushed to an unknown destination for further interrogation but another Police source said the suspect was taken to Police Political Commissar Fred Yiga for grilling whom he told that he was working on orders from ‘above’ but declined to disclose the identity of ‘above’.
About 40 other suspects are reportedly being held at several Police stations like Central Police Station (CPS) and Kira Road in connection to Kaweesi’s murder.
Meanwhile, hundreds of mourners are attending the final mass for the late Kaweesi which is led by Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga at Rubaga Cathedral.



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